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(a) and b out of order. at 4 i 22 vincente street. >> ask the commission to recuse myself as we prepared materials for the project sponsor. >> move to recuse commissioner sugaya. >> second. >> on the motion to recuse, commissioner antonini, aye, commissioner borden, aye, commissioner wu, aye, commissioner fong, aye. so moved. >> good afternoon, president fong, members of the planning commission, staff tom wang, discretionary review case. this is discretionary review involving demolition in a new building. the proposal is to demolish an existing two story vacant single family dwelling with a non-functional garage and replace it with a new single family dwelling, two story over garage. the report provided by the project sponsor, the department believes the -- demonstrated the existing structure is unsound. and then the project also meets the majority of the 16 criteria on the residential demolition. therefore we would recommend the approval of the -- of this demolition. for the proposed new building, this is two-story over garage, the department does have some concerns and the rea
at 415 vincente. i've been looking across at the old miller house and knew the millers well and now welcome our new neighbors in a brand new beautiful house. we'd love to see the old one disappear. for a number of years now, i look sd directly across at the millers and the mas and vincente street, from the front of my house is a very dark street, gets very little light. i look across at the mas and see how they have totally blinded by these huge horrible trees that come out of 422. i know that's not your issue. but now what is being proposed is that they cut off all of the light on their north side, and put them in a canyon. and they have got two little kids that, vincente is not a good street to be playing on. it's a very busy street. and i'm sure that the kids spend a lot of time in the backyard. to put them in a dark cavern i don't think is right. as i said we totally welcome a new house. we welcome our new neighbors. i just don't -- i just ask that you follow through, and take the recommendation of your own planning department, and get this house built. thank you. >> good aftern
it doesn't always work. >>> this next video pits man versus machine. to be more specific, vincent versus the paris metro. i've gopt to say, this is an awesome challenge. we're seeing it from a bunch of different angles. what vincent is going to do is, he's going to get off the subway at one spot, then run. try to beat the subway to the next stop. meaning, he's going to leave the station, run through the streets, get to the next stop, go back down to the station, back down to the platform and try to get back on the exact train help just got off. he's got a camera attached to his head. they've got cameras -- in the rear carriage of the subway and the front carriage of the subway, and watch this. >> everybody, get out of his way. >> vincent is off. look at this. starts booking it up the stairs. turns the corner here. now he's got to deal with all these people. down here in the bottom right, going through the hallway, now he's going up the stairs that leads out to the street. but now you can tell that the subway's already taking off. the other camera, the subway's already moving. now he's ge
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his e.leas abc 7 news reporting. >> d.c. mayor vincent gray and police chief cathy lanier will hold a news conference this about a crimealk milestone. there were 88 murders in the district in 2011. it's one of the lowest numbers on record since 1961. see police also say the number homicides is dropping faster than the national average. >> nearly three weeks after a killed 26 classmates and colleagues, students and teachers of sandy hook newtownry school in today in class connecticut. school in adle neighboring town was overhauled renamed sandy hook elementary. backpacks, desks, and other moved into the new building. plenty of police officers will help the students feel safe. secretary of state hillary clinton is out of the hospital. her spokeswoman says she's eager get back to work. she was released from a new york hospital wednesday after days forated for three red. clot in she was accompanied by her former president bill as theiras well chelsea. doctors expect a full recovery. there is great news for coffee lovers, especially those of us starbucks. >> news regarding al jazeera exp
will be ready for the 2013 season. >> d.c. mayor vincent gray exploring a controversial idea. he said should the redskins moving back to b.c. as proposed, the team could either change its name or discussed the possibility of doing that. the redskins' name has been under fire for decades of being a racial slur. team owners have resisted the change. vincent gray assess other teams have gotten rid of offensive names or offensive mascots. it's 45 degrees on this thursday. >> still ahead problems could be ahead for president obama's nomination for treasury secretary. why critics say that the captioned by the national captioning institute >> good thursday morning. meteorologist jacqui jeras. 5:09 is the time. it will be a good weekend. starting this morning very mild, above the average highs for this time of year. meteorologist adam caskey is basking in the balmy weather with a storm chaser 7. >> good morning. i would rather be knee-deep in the snow. we are outside the rosslyn metro station. it's 45 degrees. not a bad start today by danny ferry standards. the average low temper
that too. marnie, hey! now with ali vincent as her inspiration, marnie is determind to write her own success story. because i really truly believe i deserve a solution to this problem. but will that be enough to get her through? moments like this that you push through are moments that you're going to find that strength, okay? today's episode of live big with ali vincent takes us to the world's famous hollywood sign but first i want to introduce you to marnie garhand. she has a big personality but a bigger appetite. i go home, rip off my clothes off, get into pajamas, throw on netflix and i start eating. um, bowl of cereal, ice cream, top ramen. as a child, marnie discovered she loved being at center stage. at 17, she was accepted to the prestigious boston conservatory where she majored in theatre. give me a great time. you know, i'm going to say this and this is probably the first time i'm going to say this. i was fat, and i didn't think anyone wanted to watch me sing. so instead, she headed to culinary school, and all the while kept gaining weight, hitting 280 by the time he
yet, then. i've created a monster. best of three? i'm not in the mood. fair enough. i'm vincent. how's it goin'? i've only been here a day. you're the priest. yeah. you're from australia? sure am. you everbeen? i reckon you could afford it. here you go, mate. how much is the sack worth? what?! how much money in the sack? from the web site. hang on a second -- hey, take it easy. i'm not gonna give you a hard time. how far down does the river go? far enough. show me. vince: how come everything's so green? dermot: god said it was the law. thank you. ( horn honks ) dermot: i think the company was foreign, i can't remember. but i do remember reading how a bloke suckered a whole bunch of irish investors apparently. vince: you into all that stuff? yeah -- i think i'm becoming a nerd. ha ha! go on. i dunno, i just thought a religious web site had a better chance of working in ireland than brazil. really? i didn't think this was a very religious country anymore. no, but there are enough yanks who think it is. these confessions people make -- you give 'em penance? oh, go
and we are learning about hazing allegations at a high school in vallejo. here is more at st. vincent. >> reporter: police are learning to talk to students and officials at st. patrick's st. vincent's as well as the archdiocese. and they just learned about it and that it involved an attack on a student and they fired the coach five weeks after he reported the sexual hazing allegations to her. he worked in the saratoga schools and he is a former new york police officer who played college football and started as a coach and teacher here last august. some football players admitted to him in the locker room varsity players had removed their closing and held the other players as they assaulted him. reported five students were also expelled as a result of this and we know that the coach's office is inside the locker room and he would have a pretty good view of what was happening so the question is, did he leave early thursday's what time of day did this actually happen, was it during school, after school, these are times we'll see if the administration bears any responsibility for what happ
. docile 1135. 11:35. d.c. mayor vincent brett -- vincent gray unveiled plans for trout brown memorial park. the new park is to be completed by the end of next summer. he died last may at age 75. . >> 70 degrees on the forecast. it is crazy. >> it is crazy. >> it has been dry. a few sprinkles and afternoon showers coming up. a great blog about the record and the record of recent history about the season that has been the 2012, one of the warmest on record here. that continues. day after day. temperatures above average. >> thank you. we will see you tomorrow. captioned by the
change in progress is usually a -- getting any change in congress is usually a problem. >> mayor vincent gray is cautiously optimistic. >> we're hopeful. >> some see the responsibility differently. gun rights activist showed up to protecting such an amendment rights. up to protect second amendment rights. >> this is about and responsibility, a gun safety this is about your -- safety. this is about if you're dead americans. -- fewer dead americans. >> those who attended the lawrenceville gun show today said they are snatching up including assault rifles because they're worried be tougher to get the legal in the future. legally in the future. >> everyone refuses to be a soft target. of shares in georgia the -- shirtsst and george's it or against the assault weapons ban. theyeorgia say against the assault weapons ban. not get too far before police captured him. more on this story tonight allow the clock. -- 5:00. christina king of waldorf. investigators say she was avenue whenouthern a mini van rented the car. king kept going and then crashed into an ambulance. her car flipped over and caug
.c. mayor vincent gray whether redskins fans should root for the ravens on super bowl sunday. and we will take you to new orleans with john gonzalez. atood morning washington" 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is wednesday, january 30. i am scott thuman. >> i am cynne simpson. glad you're starting your day with us. get to meteorologist newsi jeras with some good only if you like warm weather. you arsenal lover, we might before the week is out. bit of a little everything this morning. starting very mild. glover, we a snow see a little before the week is out. it's 45 degrees this morning in martinsburg and frederick. changes ahead. by this time tomorrow, temperatures dropping with a front approaching. that will bring storms this evening. a few of those could be strong. we will see more clouds than anything else. today.aks of sunshine high temperatures today will be yesterday, 69. theirs has been a crash. we will go back to the newsroom. -- there has been a crash. the breaking news. is
this sunday against the seahawks. find out more about a friendly wager tweeps d.c. mayor vincent gray and the mayor of seat -- between d.c. mayor vincent gray and the mayor of seattle. >>> it is almost that time. super bowl ads, remember that one? they are almost sold out. at last check, only two 30- second slots were left with both selling for a record $3.8 million. maybe we should get some fox 5 promos in there. producers are keeping quiet about who has already purchased ad time. >> those are so much fun. for some people, that is the best part of the super bowl. >> i look forward to that every year. a lot of times i'm kind of disappointed. you see a couple here and there. >> stirring up the free speech debate. according to the "washington post," the virginia supreme court overturned preliminary injunction against a fairfax woman. she was facing a $507,000 defamation lawsuit for her negative reviews on yelp and angie's list. a fairfax county circuit court had previously ordered jane person he'ses to remove her negative reviews on a contractor who did some work at her home and barred
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it going. >> it is a doctor's signature. >> that's right. coming up next, d.c. mayor vincent gray announces a crackdown on impaired driving in the district. >> we'll have a look at some of the improvements in place including a breathalyzer. >> not terribly cold out there. generally in the 30s and 40s to start your day. thursday looks like a good day. i'll have the details on the weather. julie has the traffic coming up after the break.  droid dna augmentation initiated. vision expanding to a 5-inch 1080p hd display and camera. touch acquiring nfc. hearing evolving with beats audio. wireless charging activated. introducing droid dna by htc. it's not an upgrade to your phone. it's an upgrade to yourself. >>> the caps are back on the ice this morning. they'll lace up for an informal practice around 10:00. the nhl regular soap is set to start no later than january 19th. adam oates said the team won't really have training camp. they plan to jump right into the regular season. >> how cool would it be if the caps made a big republican. we have the redskins with an incredible run and
mayor was fighting for his political life. his opponent-- city council president vincent gray. >> i think the difference between adrian fenty and vincent gray is that vincent gray feels that you can still make the tough decisions for reform, but you can still treat the teachers and you can treat the community with the respect that they need for them to be involved in the process. >> i voted for you already. >> thank you so much. >> and, you know, look, you're fantastic. >> i don't believe that i can do this job and serve the children well unless i have the backing of the mayor, of my boss, in the way that fenty has given me. >> the next mayor of washington d.c., vincent c. gray! >> shortly after fenty's defeat, the teacher union president, george parker, lost his own reelection bid, and michelle rhee held her last press conference as chancellor. >> good morning. today chairman gray and i have reached the mutual decision that i will leave my post as the chancellor of the washington d.c. public school system. in short we have agreed together that the best way to keep the reforms going
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door, the 430 vincente. i have some concerns with regards to the anticipated construction. the drawings are sort of deceiving because it shows the back -- the rear of the house that is next door as a two-story portion and that is wrong, because it is a split level house. the back portion goes up five to six feet, and they are anticipating a -- going down and to keep the -- the roof levels adjacent to one another, they say they will be the same, but they'll have to be going down about 10 feet under that building to get into the foundation of their own building. so there's quite a concern. and i have not seen any soils study or engineering reports as to whether or not this is feasible, and what the consequence of it will be. there's a couple of side notes is that this house -- the proposed house is two to three times of the square footage of what is there now. and although they accommodate us because initially they wanted to build it wall-to-wall, the house set back about three feet in the -- in between the two buildings. but it's so large that the house on -- we are on the west of the ho
to have a park constructed in his honor in northeast d.c. mayor vincent gray signed the bill today. >> the park is now official. >> for the ceremony were several members of chuck brown's family. >> this is very nice. >> we love that the city shows the enthusiasm. >> it helps with the grieving process. >> chuck brown died last may and thousands of fans paid tribute at the howard theater. the architect of that project is also the architect for the memorial park. >> there is a list we call it the gateaway, a list of his all music. >> he grew up in the neighborhood and used to play here as a kid. but son the park will take on a bigger significance for chuck brown fans. >> my father loved the city, he loved his fans. where you were from it did not matter. >> the official price tag for the park, d.c. general services told us, $1 million. sam ford, abc 7 news. >> very nice. president obama has selected the bible that he will use to take the oath of office. it they are personal and significant to him. he will use the bible that michelle obama's father ga
.c. mayor vincent gray is weighing in on the budget surplus. >> there has been plenty of talk. now the mayor and city council are narrowing down the list of options. >> $400 million -- that is the projected surplus from last fiscal year. now the question is what do the mayor and the city council plan to do with the money? >> if mayor gray has his way they will save the majority and spend a little bit of it. he says because the federal economy is still experiencing growing pains it would probably be best for the city to have a large sum of emergency cash. he is hoping that they can move some of that money to help parts of the district that needed the most. >> we hope that we have an opportunity to make significant new investment in social programs but i certainly want to be able to make. >> the mayor did not specify which programs those were, but he said it was unlikely that property taxes would go down although that is something that the council will look at. a public hearing is scheduled for next wednesday morning 10:00 right here at the wilson building. abc7 news. >> the speed limit on the
on a special episode of live big with ali vincent. it's time to learn how to count your calories. we're in the kitchen with food rush chef ryan scott. it's like dancing in your mouth right? it really is and i've got a thirty day challenge that will kick you into high gear as we all kick you into high gear as we all live big together. ♪ welcome to a special edition of live big with ali vincent. today we're heading into the classroom for calorie counting 101. do you even know what a calorie is? calories are the energy that fuel our bodies. much like gasoline fuels cars. without enough calories our bodies will not function.
. tomorrow, chuck hagel is considered to be defense secretary. >>> save or spend in d.c. mayor vincent gray announces his plan for a $412 million budget surplus. >> we continue to follow breaking news on the beltway. an accident involving a fire truck and tractor-trailer. this is on the inner loop near route 50. one lane gets by each way. julie has an update when we come back.  every time someone chooses finish over cascade, it sparks a movement. because people can't keep it to themselves. look ! no ugly spots ! awesome! incredible shine. i'm switching for good. love, love, love finish! over a million people have switched to finish. visit us on facebook. ♪ i'm halfway to your heart ♪ you have to let me know ♪ so i don't make my worst mistake ♪ ♪ turn around and let you go [ female announcer ] when sweet and salty come together, the taste is irresistible. made with sweet, smooth peanut butter and salted, roasted peanuts. sweet and salty nut bars by nature valley. nature at its most delicious. fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? u
bowl victory and the grand daddy of them all. >> vincent smith meet clowney, happy new year. it is the hit of the year on the first day of the year. michigan and south carolina in the out back bowl. 15 seconds left. dillon thompson and bruce ellington and good night, game over and drive home safely. a 32-yard touchdown as the gamecocks of south carolina stunned michigan in the final moments 33-28. nfl news and the 49ers may have a new kicker in the playoffs. today they signed a 10-year veteran who has bounced around some. this after david akers missed two more field goals. he hit on 69 percent. he had notable misses like last year in the afc championship game. he was cut by the redskins this midseason. he may have open competition for the kicking job and practice this week. from the nba the warriors will welcome blake griffin and the clippers. this is how he welcomed blake. the clips had won 17 games in a row. the nuggets ending that. mcgee with a wingspan of a tara -- teradactyl. 92-78 nuggets the final. the clippers 17-game win streak comes to an end and they xome to -- th
. thank you. >> thank you. >> hello. my name is vincent and i work for liam at the pour house on polk. i just wanted to say that i really, really enjoy working at this place. it's a quaint little spot and i feel that people come in here to decompress, you know? in the evening. we're not open very late. people like to learn about wines from around the world and it's a place you can lounge out, with the company and conversation with the people that you are with there and it's a very enjoyable atmosphere. i think people who choose to come in here, versus some of the other bars on polk because of the difference of noise level versus some of the other bars. there are a lot of bars on polk where you can purchase wine as well. i just bought a bottle for my family as well for the holiday season. so working with liam has been great. it's a clean place. it's very mellow and enjoyable for me because people enjoy coming in here. i thought it was worth coming in here and explaining to you. so i do appreciate you hearing me out here. >> good evening commissioners, pretty soon it's going to be good
a location. we picked a middle spot. we pick st. vincent de paul street and invitors supervisor farrell and green to attend the meeting so i think we're ready to go on that one. >> [inaudible] i will have more information from him. >> that is 6:00 o'clock -- >> when? >> february 27. >> 27. >> the last wednesday in february. >> and it's the third wednesday that we're dark, third wednesday? >> actually we are dark -- if i could raise this with the commission. we are generally dark on the second wednesday of the month and commissioner dejesus serve on the democratic central community and they meet and if we can talk as an agenda -- we might have to adgentize that and move the dark one to the third week and if we could agendize that and discuss it. >>i understand we're doing gun violence presentation. >> well, i wanted to discuss that with you commissioners and if we want to schedule that for the 30 and have the chief figure out who will do the presentation. i don't know if he wanted a presentation or information from the chief. >> it's basically a presentation from the department to kind
she still loves you, vincent. maybe you need to find out if you still love her. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh >>> you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. >>> don't destroy other people's property, make it a fun night. >> worried about fan violence. the mayor makes the rechemical weapons request. >>> just a regular guy in the locker room, how colin kapernick is dealing with the pressure ten days from super bowl xlvii. >>> i was one that put a finger in a bullet hole trying to get a pulse. >> and dramatic word from senator dianne feinstein as she unveils a new bill to ban assault weapons. i'm juliette goodrich in. >> cbs 5 reporter tells us he wants them to do some officiating of their own during the big game. >> the mayor and bartenders know they have a lot of power on game day. oftentimes, they are the first line of defense against mayhem. >> if the niners win the super bowl -- >> are you from back east? >> sorry about that. when the niners win the super bowl, san francisco mayor, ed lee, does not want a
started before saint patrick and saint vincent catholic high school went on christmas vacation. the former varsity coach said he overheard some junior varsity students say that the junior varsity coach was allowing varsity students to haze them. the students describe lewd actions and a few upper class men inflicted on the under class men. when they reported the behavior to the junior varsity head coach he told them it was not his problem. he says he first contacted child protective services about the allegations and then wrote a memo to the principal and presented it to her as a former new york state police officer. he also offered to help with the investigation of the allegations. he was surprised that he was fired over the incident today. >> as varsity head coach i am being held accountable for the actions of the varsity players against the jv kids. nobody is holding accountable the jv coach for protecting the jv kids from this happening. >> reporter: a school spokesman says the principal dismissed him because he was responsible for supervising the students at the time the hazing took pl
tonight. >> reporter: well, this all started before saint patrick and saint vincent catholic high school went on christmas vacation. the former varsity coach said he overheard some junior varsity students say that the junior varsity coach was allowing varsity students to haze them. the students describe lewd actions and a few upper class men inflicted on the under class men. when they reported the behavior to the junior varsity head coach he told them it was not his problem. he says he first contacted child protective services about the allegations and then wrote a memo to the principal and presented it to her as a former new york state police officer. he also offered to help with the investigation of the allegations. he was surprised that he was fired over the incident today. >> as varsity head coach i am being held accountable for the actions of the varsity players against the jv kids. nobody is holding accountable the jv coach for protecting the jv kids from this happening. >> reporter: a school spokesman says the principal dismissed him because he was responsible for supervising the
heating up here at saint patrick/saint vincent catholic church. they are launching a criminal investigation into the alleged hazing incident that took place between varsity football players and jv players last season. the police say they intend to talk to everyone involved. the coaches, the players and any witnesses to try to determine exactly what happened, and if it would criminal. according to the head coach, who was fired over the hazing incident after he brought the allegations to the principal's attention. jv football players confided in him that they were victimized by varsity players. the varsity players used their genitals to torment the players. the coach wrote, if true, these allegations amount to sexual assault. legal analysts agree that the accusations are serious. >> if it's true, from what i understand, the facts to be for the boys to do and subject those young men the junior varsity people to what they subjected them to, is it is sexual battery? absolutely. there's no question about it. it is sexual battery. >> the sacramento diocese that oversees the high scho
, for allegedly hazing and bullying six underclassmen. a spokesperson for st patrick- st. vincent high school says, there were multiple incidents that happened inside the locker room during football season last fall. the head coach has also been fired because the abuse happened during unsupervised practices. we have ranged for families to pursue any counseling or legal issues. just to make sure that we've learned lessons like this and make sure that it does not happen again. >> pam: the school would not give details about what went on during the hazing, but say, it was serious enough for them to alert the vallejo police department. vallejo police say, they will not launch an investigation until the kids involved come forward. no one has so far, so it's unclear if any of the expelled students will face any criminal charges. san francisco's ban on public nudity will take effect on friday. a federal judge today ruled the city ordinance. which the board of supervisors approved last month. does *not violate the free speech rights of nudists. he also rejected the argument that the ordinance was unfair b
's table after d.c. mayor vincent gray disappointed the community by announcing he'll sheriff's deputy the city's surplus to the city's saving account. >> i don't think that's the responsible thing to do. i think there's a lot of need in the district. >> reporter: marion barry told wusa9 today that he'll introduce a bill that would allow the mayor to spend 100 million of that surplus on social services. >> i'm going to push for at least 25 or $30 million for jobs, another 30 or $40 million for housing protection, trust fund for housing and i'm going to do something about social services. >> reporter: the mayor seems to have the votes on council for saving the money, but he hasn't heard from patty stonecipher, at least not yet. >> what can we collectively do to reduce that 110,000 families living in poverty? >> reporter: her first official day at martha's table is april 1st, but she's already on the job. bruce johnson, wusa9. >> stonecipher is very wealthy. the washington post reports she piled up tens of millns of dollars in microsoft stock years ago. >>> education was one of the bi
mas bajo en la historia de la ciudad desde 1961. los datos fueron revelados por el alcalde vincent gray y la jefa de la licia de dc cathy lanier. dijeron que solamente se registraron 88 muertes autoridades tambien buscan a frank jonathan hirhel de 43 anos residente de bethesda. la policia del condado de montgomery pide la ayuda de la comunidad para poder encontrarlo... la policia dice que padece de una condicion de salud y necesita sus medicamentos... cualquier persona que lo haya visto o tenga informacion que ayude a dar con el paradero de este hombre, llame a la policia del condado de montgomer decenas de niÑos y jovenes victimas de la explotacion sexual fueron rescatados por las autoridades...el servicio de inmigracion y control de aduanas tambien mbesta buscando a varios sospechosos de estos delitos. maria rosa lucchini con el informe. preste atencion a estas fotografias... estos individuos son sospechosos de pornografia infantil a traves de utilizar a niÑos como objetos... de aprovecharse de su inocencia... el servicio de inmigracion y control de aduanas qui
accomplished, but a lot of work remains. that was the message today from d.c. mayor vincent gray and police chief cathy lanier. >> every corner matters. >> reporter: who proudly announced a 19% decline in homicides last year from 108 in 2011 to 88 in 2012. >> our goal is to get that down to zero. >> reporter: the fewest number of homicide says since 1961 and 391 murders less than 1991 when there were 479 murder victims in the city. >> most places homicide numbers are about 87 to 95% fire apartment related and we've kind of been -- firearm related and we've kind of been able to drive that down by targeting illegal firearms here. >> reporter: in addition to focusing on illegal guns and breaking up gangs, the chief says the steady decline could largely be contributed to the increasing use of technology by the police department. >> we use every means of technology available to us, the text list serves, facebook, twitter, youtube. >> reporter: having said that chief lanier and the mayor both pointed out that not all the crime numbers are heading the right direction. after several years of st
sent gray put two new -- vincent gray put new 2 new bills and to determine who is driving drunk. they stopped using breath tests for two years. the equipment was not considered reliable and they're confident about their now technology. and kaya henderson is spoon for example accusations and possible cheating in d.c. public schools and that is? response to an episode that aired last night and they were featured. kathorne alludes to test cheating at her school in 2010- 2011 and henderson reiterates all investigations conclude said there was no widespread cheating. >>> coming up on the news edge, how they having them express themselves through play writing. writing. . >> you thought dad filmed a parody video, i'm a daddy and i know it. and that is for five kids. the video started as a gag gift for the family and -- amazing. right? yeah. next one's on you. yeah, okay. introducing dunkin's new turkey sausage breakfast sandwich. the surprisingly great taste of turkey sausage on a pepper-fried egg with under 400 calories. try it, you'll like it. america runs on dunkin'. hurry in for du
is is the only new. he beat out michael brown. re-elected include vincent orange, jack evans, yvette alexander and marion barry will begin new four-year terms. it will begin after the 10:00 swearing in with an organizational meeting. they will assign council members to committees. >>> also this morning, same sex couples can begin to hold public courthouse wedding ceremonies in montgomery county. gay marriage became legal at midnight. but they had to be private ceremonies because the courthouse was closed for the new year's
. not from alumni, not from anybody downtown making the big decisions. mayor vincent gray goes before the d.c. council will his idea for what to do with that big budget surplus. the mayor is not asking for any additional money or loans for udc. does udc have a future? half of its 5,000 students were peeled off by the new community college. >> we're going to want to hear from the board what their vision is for moving forward, with the existing resources. and growing their resources by attracting more students. >> you have to do an analysis. it doesn't make sense to continue to offer this four- year program when the need seems to be in the community college side. >> mayor gray spokesman said he is willing to give the board of trustees more time to come up with the right size plan for the four year school. they won't say how much time. bruce johnson, wusa9. >> now, as far as that d.c. budget surplus is concerned, mayor gray will talk about that tomorrow, staff says he will want to devote some of that money to affordable housing. jack evans says that money should be saved for a rainy day or
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